Announcing a New Edition of Demographics and Wine

By Chris Bitter, Vintage Economics

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Cover page from Demographics and Wine

Demographics are crucially important to wineries and the wine trade. But relevant data are hard to find and often incomplete and conflicting. Demographics and Wine provides the most comprehensive and nuanced information and analysis on U.S. wine consumer demographics available. 

Demographics play a vital role in shaping the propensity to buy wine – and some groups are far more impactful than others– particularly in the upper tiers of the market. Demographics and Wine clarifies the audience for wine and provides insights into consumer behavior to inform segmentation, customer targeting, and marketing strategy. 

The U.S. is also undergoing a profound demographic transition that is altering the complexion of the wine consumer base and creating potential headwinds for wine demand. The report highlights the opportunities and threats associated with demographic change and their implications for strategic planning and marketing. 

The report is based on analysis of public use microdata from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditures Survey, which collects two-week spending diaries from approximately 6,000 households per year. Households are segmented by age, income, education,race/ethnicity, sex, and generation. The new edition includes data through 2020. 

Price: $595. Small businesses and nonprofits are eligible for a discounted price of $395. 

Visit the Vintage Economics website to learn more – or click this link to purchase a copy now. 



1. Introduction 

2. Executive Summary 

3. Overview of Wine Consumer Demographics and Behavior 

4. The Evolving Wine Consumer Base 

5. Demographic Projections and their Implications for Wine 

6. The Generations and Wine 

7. Consumer Profiles by Demographic Segment 

8. Hot Topic: Wine is Losing the On-premise Battle 

9. The Geography of Wine Consumer Spending 

10. StatisticalModels: Demographic Drivers of Wine Buying 

11. Data and Research Methodology 


Chris Bitter 

Vintage Economics 



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