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Announcing the Washington Wine Industry Review & Outlook

2019 Edition

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The Washington Wine Industry Review & Outlook is an annual publication from Vintage Economics that delivers comprehensive coverage of Washington wine industry trends, including analysis of wine shipments broken down by channel and winery size, winery and tasting room counts, and an assessment of Washington’s grape and wine markets. It also interprets developments in the broader wine market and economy and offers an outlook for the year ahead.

The report provides analytics and insights that promote better-informed and more strategic decisions, which are more crucial than ever in today’s rapidly evolving and hyper-competitive marketplace. The content will also be valuable to outsiders seeking intelligence on the Washington wine industry's performance and growth potential.

A few highlights from the report:

  • Following a remarkable post Great Recession expansion, the Washington wine industry’s growth began to stall in 2016 and its shipments contracted in 2017.
  • There was a modest rebound in 2018, though shipments remain below their 2016 peak and are up by less than 1% since 2015.
  • Consequently, the Washington grape market has become oversupplied as the industry planted for strong growth in demand that has not materialized.
  • The overall figures mask a striking divide – Ste. Michelle's sales have contracted sharply – but the remainder of the industry continues to expand at a solid pace and DTC growth has accelerated.
  • U.S. wine consumption is flattening, competition is intensifying, the global market is over supplied, and economic growth is expected to moderate in 2019.
  • Given these headwinds and the rising risk of a recession, realistic expectations and a strategic approach will be key to success going forward.

Click here to purchase the report or download a detailed description of the content.

Vintage Economics publishes two additional reports on the Washington wine industry and can also supply customized metrics to meet clients’ unique needs.

The Washington Winery Report is an annual publication that provides shipment and production totals for all Washington wineries and more detailed metrics, including breakdowns by sales channel and historical data, for the 250+ wineries that shipped 1,000 cases or more. The metrics can be used for peer analysis, monitoring the performance of winery partners, or developing business leads. The Washington Wine Shipment Report is a quarterly publication that delivers updates on wine shipment trends and individual metrics for the state’s top 50 wineries.

Chris Bitter

Vintage Economics


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